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Welcome to the Little Shop of Voices where we create digital audio production used in radio and  television advertising as well as film and video presentations. We can also record announcements to be used in commercial settings, such as store hours, specials or staff announcements.

Where ever you live, it's not uncommon to hear mispronunciations of people or place names.  Our goal is simple.  We want to offer businesses another voice, or voices, that are clear, can get the message across and with proper pronunciation of names and addresses.

The Little Shop of Voices is not just limited to voicing. We offer complete audio production including copywriting, sound effects and music beds. Whether you're promoting an auto dealership, charity, a concert or monster truck rally, The Little Shop of Voices has the talent, equipment and experience to deliver your audio needs.

Click the logo below for a page of audio clips for fans of WKRP in Cincinnati.

The site has been expanded so you can 'see'  who's behind the voices, the boss'  25 years in music and what brought him to the Midwest as well as the 'real' boss' site
. Click here to visit Larry D's corner of the web, featuring his music background and some of the people he's had the great honor to share a stage with. Click here to see Natalie's "Sanguine" Corner and her take on the world. 

In the next few weeks
, we hope to post
just about the most complete, date by date, History of Rock & Roll you'll find anywhere on the web.

But for now, c'mon in!  Inside, you'll find an assortment of sample spots and get an idea of our production capabilities.

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Click here if you want to relive some of the funniest lines from
one of the funniest shows to ever grace the airwaves.

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