The Mighty WKRP in Cincinatti

Click here for a page of various KRP logos in the form of
animated and static .gif and .jpg files.

I've created these from the covers of the only two commercially released KRP videos.

For whatever reason, I guess I just needed a hobby, I decided to create this little tribute page.  On it, you'll find wavs that I've culled from the episodes I've managed to get on tape as well as some little known bits of trivia and curiosities that I've noticed about the show.

June 1/04 *Wow! It's been over 10 years!

Welcome to the new home for the largest collection of WKRP in Cincinnati wavs on the 'net.

10/05/14 HEY! I finally got around to converting all of the mp3 format! In this day of youtube, I decided to leave these still up and, I hope, will add some more, as time permits.

More importantly, if all goes according to the news, the entire series will be available on 13 DVDs, on October 28, 2014. According to the production house, NOT all of the original music will be back, but most will.

I'm sorry but I haven't had any time to edit any further episodes and there's no sign of me getting to any in the near future. I'm really hoping to change things to free up more time but.....such is life, right?


The  "Radio Show" to end all  television Radio shows!

I grew up in the '60's.  Born at the end of the 50's, I only caught a little bit of the original rock n roll, as the era was just ending.  Listening to all that cool stuff from the Woodstock-era acts gave me lots of ammunition for my later years when  I truly learned to appreciate the music I was raised with.

Now, from my very early teens, I thought the coolest job in the world had to be that of a d.j. on the radio and along came the late '70's and the movie "FM".  That did it!  I was hooked on the idea.  I happened to get a part-time job at a local a.m. station while still in high school and thought I was the cat's ass!  The one thing I remember most that anyone told me was, with f.m. radio, talk to the listeners, not at them. I've always tried to remember that.

Along came the 1978 and the quintessential show that a certain "trade" could identify with.

WKRP really took apart any ideas of what radio was all about.  Lots of stations will tell you that they're "above" the antics or are more professional than the "mighty KRP" but they ALL have employees that you could match with one or more of the characters on the show.

I won't go into details of any episodes other than to identify which one the wav came from.  I've posted these out of respect for the show and they are yours to use and relive a few fond memories. *They are here strictly for entertainment purposes and the copyrights belong to the shows' owners.

*Thanks for stopping by and please, share it with your friends.  If you have a site and want to post a link to these wavs, please copy the green text that's below and paste it into the html coding on your site.

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Here are a couple of WKRP links I've come across. I'm sure you have too, but just in case...  This is a page that lists all of the episodes, in order of the airings......sorta, I think.


*Here's a little piece of trivia.  So far, I've only found two episodes like this but, did you know that there were times when they didn't use Tom Well's closing theme?  One is "I Do, I Do for Now" (with Hoyt Axton). He takes the show out by singing a song in a studio.  The other is "The Softball Game". It has a blue grass tune that takes it out.  These two songs are posted below.

**How attentive are you?  In the episode where Les is mistaken as gay,  how many of you noticed that the single Les and single Jennifer are both wearing wedding bands?  (Les' can be seen while he's standing on the ledge, contemplating suicide)  It's NOT a bandaid. The bandaid is on his right pinkie finger.  This is a wedding band, on his wedding finger.

  After many requests and much searching.....I didn't think I had the episode on tape, here's Venus' famous "Atom Lesson"!  It's in mp3 format because it's so big. One of the things on my list is to change all the wavs over to mp3. But until then....


Again, after many requests, here's the "Turkey Drop" in it's entirety. And again, because of it's size, I've posted it in mp3 form.

Turkey Drop.mp3

And lastly, by request, from the Sobriety Test episode. Venus' drunken request to the Big Guy.

I wanna hat.mp3

Arthur Carlson (The big guy)

20 live turkeys  I think you can guess what episode this is from.
  (A.C.)  A.C. tries to get Little A.C. out of his hair.
raspberry  (A.C.)  This one comes from the tribute dinner for Johnny, on the eve of his departure for L.A.
ruff n ready
  (A.C. again) From the Thanksgiving episode.
tough at the top
(Mr. Carlson)  Again, I'm not sure which episode this is from. 
turkeys fly (Mr. Carlson)  'nuff said.

do you think that's wise  The big guy.
nobody's perfect
The big guy.
send in the clowns
 The big guy, to Les and Herb.
Venus Flytrap

big star  From the episode when Andy's old flame, Linda Taylor, plays a concert in Cinci.
death  This is his reaction to the news of the Ferryman account.

  After meeting Johnny for the first time.

oh my goodness  From the preliminary hearing into his burglary charges.
see radio   The episode flashing back to the first days of the "new" format.  Andy tells Gordon Simms of his new identity and "look".
shoot this man  Sobriety Test episode. When John passes the test, faster yet.
threat From the episode "Who is Gordon Simms?"  Herb needs Venus' picture for an ad campaign. Problem is, Venus is wanted by the authorities. 
**This episode raises some questions. In "Who is Gordon Simms?", G.S. is wanted for deserting the army and has been "in hiding and living under assumed names" for 8 years but......if you remember, in one of the first two episodes, Andy hires school teacher Gordon Simms, who was working under his real name in New Orleans.
more music, les nessman  Venus.

Les Nessman

apalachia  From the same episode, another of
Les' characteristic pronunciations.

all newsmen From the episode where Jennifer
falls in love with her maintenace guy "Steel". Les is
on the warpath for a raise. He goes to Jennifer's
apt. to get her to help him in his quest and is
offered a martini.

chichi  You HAVE to know what this wav
pertains to!!  I "think" it's one of the first few
darn funny At his sarcastic best.
emergency When they find that they don't
have a tornado emergency file, Les resorts to the
other emergency file.

farming stories Venus meets Les and Herb
for the first time.

goodgolly  ....sorry, forgot the episode but
I think it's the one where there was a fire on the
5th floor, below the station.

lessons From the "Softball Game" episode. 
This is what's floating thru Les' mind after Andy
plants him in the outfield.

macho (Les) From the episode where Les is
mistaken as "gay" by a player at the stadium.
oooo Need I say more? From the episode
where Mother Carlson wants to change KRP to
"all news".

please lord
What goes through his mind,
near the end of the game.
ratings The episode when, on his birthday,
he wants to go to N.Y. and try for a network job.
woowoo Unknown episode, sorry.
mief bressages  Les, after getting a really complicated story correct.
drain  Les.
may the good news be yours  Les, the "up" version.
good day  Les, the "down" version.
happyyyy thanksssss givinggggggg  Les, from the T'giving episode. (334k)
lizard  Les, during a newscast.
a quick sign-off  Les' fast exit.
stay tuned  Les, signing off from a newscast.
wet cement  Les, from the T-giving episode.

Herb Tarlek

blow up This is Herb's reaction after being told that the big guy was resigning from the Ferryman account.
This is from the episode where Herb sold ad space to a guy selling legal speed to kids.
disagree From the episode where Venus is busted for burglarizing the jeweler in the Flimm  Building.

he's a dj Herb's explaination of how Johnny "got a girl in trouble".
This is from the "dirty pictures" episode.  Herb's turned down, after posing as a Gay, in hopes of duping the photographer out of Jennifer's pics and negatives.
remarkably dull His reaction to Les' outfit for the banquet, the standard bow-tie.

single depressed From the episode that had Les getting a "date" set up by Herb, through the new "dating agency"  that was actually a prostitution front.

Dr. Johnny Fever

100 people John explains how radio "works" to Little Arthur Carlson Jr.
coffee John's protestations while A.C. is trying to talk with Andy and Arthur Jr.
coffee-nachos From the episode where the woman leaves the baby on the station's doorstep for Johnny.  (John) offers "his" baby some breakfast.

happiest day When T.J. Watson (Hoyt Axton) appears at KRP to "claim" Jennifer as his bride, this is Johnny's response to the news that he and Jennifer are married.
having my baby
This is from the very first episode.
john's return When the new morning guy gets canned and John returns to the morning drive slot, this is how he intro'd himself. Remember?  (this is a pretty big one, but worth the loading time. 250k)
mobile home This line has gone around the stand up circuit more than a few times, I think.
not a pretty job From the Sobriety Test episode.

old people When the "former listeners" stormed the station to protest the change of format. (I can STILL see the old guy with the beard and the short old lady who wallops the turntable!!)
warped When Mother Carlson tries to "not" explain the change from a rock and roll format to an "all news" format, Johnny shows up at her house, drunk.
During the wake in the d.j. booth after Andy told all that the station was going to all news.

you get
When he explains why it'd be "good" to have Herb stay with Andy.

disco is.....  John's call in contest to complete the sentence.
doctor is on duty  John, during his show.
change of format  John's speech during the first episode when KRP changed formats.
turkey bombing  John, reporting what's happening during the T'giving Day give-away.
Bailey, Herb/Jennifer & Johnny/Jennifer

off the air (Bailey)  From the episode when the transmitter station was blown up.
continuity  Bailey on Herb's behavior.
oh well oh hell Bailey.
shut up herb Bailey.
other men (Herb n Jennifer)  Not sure which episode, but it's DEFINITLY self explanatory.

strip (Johnny to Jennifer) He and Bailey appear at Jennifer's for Les' birthday, non-birthday party. 
grab gusto (Herb)  When Les is trying to find a date for the Silver Sow Banquet, Herb offers a lesson.
little gusto (Jennifer) Her reply to Herb.


domestic champagne From the episode  when Johnny leaves for the new job in L.A., this is Jennifer's reply to the record company rep. as to why she sent the "gift" back.
Herb's break-up
Jenn. breaks the news to Venus and Johnny.
my money
She tells A.C. just why she's so steamed at Steel.  A.C. responds.
opening line Near the end of the breakup episode, Lucille leaves with Herb and is joined by John, Andy, Venus and Les.
hate mail Jennifer, reporting what mail came in.
more money Jennifer from what I "think" is the first episode.
put on the damn hat Jennifer. I think this is from Les' birthday party.
sorry Charlie Jennifer's response to another of Herb's come-on's.
where's Les Jennifer, at the end of the episode where the gang moved her to the old house.


Arthur Carlson Jr Andy intro's little Arthur to Venus.
Washington Post From the episode where Bailey wrote the story of the "composite"  Bobby, a collection of children in a hospital.  Les subsequently "stole" her  story and aired it.  Bailey was ready to be fired, ala the reporter at the Washington  Post.

censorship Andy's take on censorship from the ep. where the churches attack KRP's playlist.
get up Les  Andy to Les. I believe this takes place in Andy's office, just before a meeting.
mirror Andy's answer as to why he's always looking in a mirror.
something you said Andy and John.

Assorted Guests

10 cents (WPIG mascot)  From the Sobriety Test episode. While Venus and John are getting snookered, Herb (in the new KRP Karp mascot outfit) is trying to get into a pay-toilet (yes, there used to be pay-toilets) without a dime and gets caught by the WPIG mascot.
6 martinis (State Trooper) From the Sobriety Test episode.

children insane
(Dr. Hymen.....?)  From the same episode. Bailey's attempt at a public service show, "Cincinnati Beat".  This is the guest's answer to Johnny's question of what's wrong with kids today.
devil hide Remember the Rev. Little Ed?
devil run Another from Little Ed.

(Winner of the Song Contest) When the winner shows up to claim the cash and they'd "just" given it to somebody else.

naughty (Bloody, of Scum of the Earth)  From the episode when the station promoted the concert with the "such nicely dressed boys".
(Bloody)  Another from the Scum of the Earth episode.
other earthlings  Unknown guest character.

Opening and closing themes, ads,
"Name the Song" contest and sound effects

full scan
 The full radio scan, from the show's intro.
senator  (Unknown announcer)  From the opening credits as the driver scans the radio.  Full length version is below.

wkrp The opening theme, from the start of the driver's scan of the radio, to the theme in full.
closing theme Tom Wells, who wrote all of the original music for the show, was purposely asked to make the lyrics unintelligible to go along with the general "feeling" of the show.  This is according to a book about "America's Favorite Radio Station. A link to the book/author's site is in the black box, above.

*Mr. Wells kindly signed my guestbook but, like so many other things, the service was canceled before I could save it.

ferryman The Jingle.  This file's HUGE. (700k)  I don't really want to shrink it much more or it'll lose more quality than it has already.
(Jingle #2)  How many of you remember how Herb still managed to come out smiling? This one's still big at 400k, but worth the download.
red wigglers When John returns and has to cover the midnight to 6 a.m. shift. I can still see Johnny lip synching to the add.
6 songs From the $50/$5,000 "Name the Songs" contest.
6 song answer The guy's winning response.
news Les' new intro.
axton tune
This is the closer to one of only two episodes, that I know of, that didn't use the "standard" Tom Wells closing theme.  The other is below. *This is a fairly big wav. Appr. 800k
bluegrass theme This is the song that starts right after Les catches the last fly ball to win the game for KRP.  After the break, the song closes out the show.
*Another good sized wav. Appr. 400k
scratch Remember how Johnny Fever intro'd the station's format change?
Remember Jennifer's doorbell?

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